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Nas’ Connection to Liberian War Victims

Having witness his share of violence growing up in New York’s Queensbridge housing project, Nas says he felt a connectionto Liberia because of his childhood experience.

The 36 year old rap artist narrates ESPN profile of Liberian National Amputee soccer team.

Nas readily states in an E:60 profile of the amputees that his “realities were like a walk in the park compared to what these kids go through in other countries.”

Nas will provide his distinctive voice as well as his music to the profile of the war survivors, who have come together as the Liberian National Amputee soccer team, airing Tuesday night on ESPN’s E:60. The players bear the scars of the country’s 14 years of civil wars, conflicts so violent that they claimed more than 250,000 lives.

During CNN’s interview with  Nas , he was asked if he knew anything about Liberia’s history before teaming up with ESPN,  Nas said “things of that matter, its hard on the heart for anybody to see something like that.  I’m guilty of turning the channel when things like that are on.  Until someone brings it directly to your attention, you don’t really look at it because there are so many other hard things going on in the world, to lock in on one is hard to do.  It hurts to see anybody in pain, if you’ve got any kind of heart.”

Nas said the E:60 collaboration gave him a new perspective on what it means to survive. He  walked away from the experience of narrating the program with a new appreciation and respect for not only the sport but, more important, for the players.

According to CNN, Nas is also currently working on a collaborative record with Damian Marley that focuses on Africa.

CNN asked Nas about his experience collaborating with Damian Marley”

Nas said, Damian’s someone who’s not caught up in what’s happening today and this and that.  He’s someone who’s concentrating on what’s happening tomorrow, so with that, you get no B.S. He’s a straight shooter.  When he talks, it’s all real.

CNN asked Nas where has he drawn his inspiration from, Nas said “I’m inspired by people like Nelson Mandela.  Can you imagine—you know how racist America was back then –imagine how racism was in South Africa when he had to stand up and say what he had to say.  That’s bravery beyond comprehension.  Then to survive prison and come home and be so resilient, he’s a role model in many ways.  His eyes tell a story of glory.

Nas told CNN that his latest career moves are those of an artist aiming to do simply what makes him happy.

Source:  CNN


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