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Mzoli’s Meat is the Hippest Hangout in Cape Town

Cape Town’s hottest hangout attracts people from all walks of life.  Mzoli’s meat is a butchery and open air barbeque in Cape Town, South Africa.   It attracts a diverse crowd of locals and tourists.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver describes Mzoli’s as “sexy” and praising the “incredible flavor “of its grilled meat.

In 2003 Mzoli’s was opened in Gugulethu, a township 15 km from the center of Cape Town, South Africa by its owner, Mzoli Ngcawuzele when he noticed a gap in the market.

“We looked at what was missing in the market, especially in our community and we began to say, ‘what can really bring people from all walks of life together?’ and we came up with this –Mzoli’s,” Ngcawuzele told CNN.

“You choose your meat, we grill it for you, you’ve got a table to sit at, and we serve you.”

Patrons select their meat from the butchery and it is then barbecued. Locals call it braai, the African word for barbecue, the meat is grilled over charcoal fires.

Mzoli’s attracts clientele that enjoy not only braai but the Djs playing kwaito and house music.  White South African’s that typically would not take the journey into a black township frequent Mzoli’s.

Ngcawuzele told CNN, “We said this is the rainbow nation, how do we manage to bring the rainbow nation together into one spot, where, white, black, colored, everyone gets together over a piece of meat’?

“I can tell you now, the racial tensions of the past, that is the past.  Today we’re moving forward, looking forward from generation to generation.”

Source:  CNN

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