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Black in Ameria 2

CNN Presents Black In America 2

Soledad O’Brien got the nation talking with Black in America.  It was evident that everything couldn’t be covered in just one series so Black in America 2 is here to pick up where we left off.

I remember watching Black in America last year and thinking why immigrants of African decent weren’t mentioned in the series.  After all we are not seen as Africans or people from the Islands once we are in America, we are just grouped in with all African-Americans and simply labeled as black.

Soledad O’Brien and CNN tried to tackle way too much.  There was no way every aspect of being Black in America could be explained in 4 hours.  The first “Black in America” CNN series last year sparked enough discussion to prompt a return this year with a two-part production that starts Wednesday, July 22th  and concludes Thursday, July 23rd.

Focusing tonight on “pioneers” and tomorrow night on future leaders, the show offers extended features about community programs as well as interviews with the famous.

It is my hope that the immigrant experience will be touched upon in this series.  Check out our discussion board on this topic and let us know what has your experience been being black in America?

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