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Summy’s Cooking Connection – Frijon

There is nothing like a man that loves his Mama.  The Naija Boyz have hooked up their Mom Summy with her very own cooking show.

We all know the Naija Boyz for making us laugh with their videos.  Now we get to know them as sons who help put their Mom’s good cooking out to the world.  They say:

“Our Mom has been wanting to host a cooking show on Youtube for a while so we helped her put together this simple video. We chose not to go with the standard Cooking show format of steady camera shots and took the hand held camera route to give it a more African feel.”

Summy starts us off with Frijon, a Nigerian fish and black eyed peas dish cooked on Good Friday.  She takes you through each and every step.  Don’t be afraid to try it!


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