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Courtesy of OK News

Djimon’s Shows Off His Bundle of Joy

Look at that face! Kenzo Lee Honsou, son of Djimon & Kimora Honsou shows us just how cute he is.

Kenzo Lee Honsou made his debut in OK Magazine this past Friday and he is quite the looker.  Kenzo is a Japanese name and the name means the third and wise.

Proud parents Djimon and Kimora took some beautiful pictures of the blended family, which includes Kimora’s daughters Ming and Aoki from her first marriage.

Kimora spoke of how she and Djimon secretly wed in Djimon’s homeland last year, ““We visited Djimon’s family in West Africa. He had a street named after him and he was knighted so his whole family was there. It felt very, very right. We just knew that it was right. I knew from the beginning that he was the one.”

Djimon’s family in Africa were even part of the Kenzo’s birth, “During labor I thought, ‘We should call Africa!’ So we had Djimon’s family on the phone in Africa on speaker so they could hear the pushing and the first cry.”

She gushes at how hands-on a Dad Djimon, “He’s so hands-on. He holds the baby, and he flicks the doodies. You wouldn’t think a guy would be so hands-on, so supportive, so strong yet so gentle.”

The proud parents couldn’t be happier with little Kenzo who eats a lot, “He eats like a dinosaur! He’s strong, and his cry is strong. The girls were softer. When you hold him, he squirms right up out of your hands. I can tell as soon as he gets that foot on the ground, I’ll probably never be able to hold him again.”

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