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African Beauties Represent at Miss Universe 2009

Ten African beauty queens participated in Miss Universe 2009 and showed the world how beautiful we are.

Eighty four women from all over the world represented their countries at Miss Universe 2009 in the Bahamas.  It was wonderful to see ten African beauty queens in the mix.

The ten women were:

Egypt – Elham Wagdi

Ethiopia – Melat Yante

Angola – Nelsa Alves

Zambia – Andella Chileshe Matthews

South Africa – Tatum Keshwar

Tanzania – Illuminata Wize

Ghana – Jennifer Victoria Koranteng

Nigeria – Sandra Otohwo

Namibia – Happie Ntelamo

Mauritius – Anais Veerapatren

Miss South Africa was the only African woman to make it first into the top 15 and then the top 10.  She was eliminated when the top 5 were annouced.  We congratulate her for making it so far into the competition.

Miss Venezuela walked away with the crown making this two years in a row that Venezuela has won.

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