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Big Brother Revolution: Hello Ladies

The ladies of Big Brother Revolution show us what they’ve got.

The girls arrived into the Pamper Palace after 7 days and realized that they are in another part of the House. Even a bigger surprise, the girls get to watch the boys for the duration of their stay in the Palace! The guys have no idea that female Housemates are living in another part of the House, and even more, that they are watching their every move!

When the female housemates entered the house, they had no idea that they wouldn’t be joining the guys immediately. The guys don’t know that the female housemates have entered the house as they are sequestered in a separate section of their own, with a partition separating them from the guys.

To top it all, IK revealed at the end of the show – to viewers, not housemates – that the partition between the 2 sections of the house will be broken down next week, allowing male and female housemates to meet for the first time.

The ladies palace has a big jacuzzi, stylish dining area and a living space which IK described as “beautiful, gentle and calm – a palace fit for queens!”

Angola’s Emma was the first housemate to take to the stage in the studio.

Nigerian Nkenna was up next – telling viewers that they should watch her simply because “I’m an entertaining person!”

Maggie from Zambia was up third onto the stage, telling IK that she was feeling overwhelmed and that the rules allowing conspiracy suited her because a desire to bond with everyone is part of her personality.

The 4th female housemate revealed was Malawi’s Mzamo, who promised to be herself (in the wake of countrywoman Hazel’s performance in Big Brother Africa 3) and telling viewers that it takes a lot to make her lose her cool.

Fifth on stage was Jen (Mozambique), who really turned up the heat. She wouldn’t commit to how much interaction she would have with the guys and told the continent that she hated liars – but also promised some conspiracy “because we all need a little conspiracy!”

Next up was Namibia’s Rene. When IK asked her why viewers will be voting to keep her in the house, she simply replied “I’m freakin’ fabulous!” When asked if she would be taking advantage of the new rules allowing conspiracy between housemates she told the continent she would never kiss and tell…

Elizabeth from Tanzania, next up, told Africa “I’m gonna be myself, to the 91st day!”

Zimbabwean Kristal – the 8th female housemate to join IK on stage before entering the house – assured him that her best attribute was “just being myself – I don’t act for anyone.” When IK asked if she would be conspiring in the house to get ahead she replied “sure, people are conspiring already – I plan to conspire and I’ll win by any means necessary!”

Liz from South Africa proclaimed that her strategy would be “fabulosity, all the way!” and said viewers would keep voting for her because they’d love her straightforward nature – “I’ll be keeping it South African” was her parting shot.

Geraldine from Nigeria said that her strategy was to have no strategy. “I’m just going to be myself and have fun,” she told IK. When he asked if she would be looking to get into any relationships inside the house she firmly said “No – I have a boyfriend and I love him very much!”

Angola’s Edna was introduced next and looks set to bring something different to the Revolution as she told IK that she wasn’t expecting to win, but was there just to have fun. “What kind of fun?” asked IK. “Every kind of fun – relationships, conspiracy, it doesn’t matter,” replied the relaxed Angolan.

Paloma from Zambia was the final female housemate to join IK on stage. She promised to be simple and straightforward and be a “proper Zambian lady with proper culture”. When IK asked the inevitable question about conspiracy, she said “Alliances are very important – I can’t say that I’m not going to do it, I can’t say that I am going to do it, let’s wait and see”.

Having now made their entrance, the female housemates will have to wait a week to meet the guys. Ending the show, IK told Africa that the wall dividing the 2 sections of the house and keeping the male and female housemates separate would come down next week!

Bad news for Kenya’s Teddy and Ghana’s Wayoe who were the first two houseguests to be evicted from the house.


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