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Aminat Ayinde Falls Short on America’s Next Top Model

Aminat Ayinde tried everything to make it to the top 2 of America’s Next Top Model but fell short.

From the start, Aminat made a statement with her looks. She was picked to be one of the lucky 13 contestants on cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model.

The judges all agreed that her looks and body were exactly what the modeling industry needs.

But the judges complained of her lack of personality and did not feel like she brought her all to photo shoots. They always expected more than she gave.

Tyra went as far as comparing her body to that of Naomi Campbell whose body is considered the best in the industry.

We are proud of Aminat for making it all the way to being the 11th contestant eliminated.  Of all the African models on America’s Next Top Mode she went the furthest.


We are sure that this is not the last we’ve seen of Miss Aminat. She’ll be in our magazines and on the runway in no time!

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