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Essence Will You Marry Me? Contest Winners

African Marriage Proposal Via Essence Magazine

Nigerian Ebiakpo Jituboh melted hearts everywhere when he proposed to DeKeisha George in Essence Magazine’s Will You Marry Me? Contest.  Ebiakpo was one of 5 bachelors chosen for the contest.  Over 1 million votes were counted and the Queens couple beat out the other couples for the big win.

 ESSENCE offered gentlemen across the country the chance of a lifetime — to surprise their girlfriends with a dreamy proposal in the pages of the magazine for its third annual Will You Marry Me? feature. ESSENCE was bombarded with letters from men wanting to propose in the magazine after publishing an ad in the September 2008 and October 2008 issues. The letters came pouring in, but only five special men were selected to share their love story with more than 8 million readers. Readers were able to log on to Essence.com to see videos of each of the romantic proposals captured by ESSENCE’s hidden cameras, see each woman’s shocked responses and vote for their favorite duo by February 12. 

Ebiakpo’s proposal was so heartfelt and these words surely sealed the deal wiith voters:

“In 2007, when you were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I was heartbroken. The disease only made me realize that I never want to leave your side. You once asked me if I could meet anyone, who would it be. The answer is, and always will be, our children. I can’t wait until we start our family. Will you marry me?”

Ebiakpo and DeKeisha’s heart will receive a $50,000 dream wedding courtesy of ESSENCE.  The couple dream of bringing their families from Trinidad and Nigeria to what is sure to be a beautiful wedding.

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