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2010 World Cup Finals

Spain versus Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup Finals

The 2010 World Cup is a first time for the African continent and a first time for the two countries who would be vying for the championship on Sunday July 11th in Soccer City. This means that regardless of who wins, history is bound to be made on Sunday.

Spain got to the finals by way of beating the Germans, a world cup favorite. The game was an exhibition of persistence from Span who came close to scoring about three times during the first half. The reward from their hard work came in the 73rd minute of the game when Carles Puyol headed the ball into the goal from a corner kick.

Despite the determination of the Germans, Spain stood their ground to secure a long awaited win to be a contender for the 2010 World Cup finals.

The Netherland is also another cinderella dream come true story. Although unlikely to be where they are today, they have proven to great names like Brazil and Uruguay that they are ready to be the champions of the world. Their semi final match against Uruguay was exciting and filled with 5 goals combined. They won hands down, and left the pitch with an unbeaten record that will be tested again on Sunday.

Africa’s first world cup has come with triumph and losses across the board. It was definitely known from the beginning that only two teams would be in the finals and it would take a long hard fight to get there. The Dutch and the Spaniard have achieved what most countries hoped to achieve. And when the final whistle blows on Sunday, only one team will hoist the World Cup Trophy and be considered champions. It is only fair to say that we are all proud of our country men as they come back home and hope that the next time around we could see ourselves in the finals.

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