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More South African Stars Will Perform At Football World Cup

The concert on the eve of the World Cup will feature additional South African musicians.  FIFA -the football governing body, made the decision after hearing concerns from angry South African about the disproportionate number of international singers that would headline the event.

The concert that will take place on June 10th will be representative.

A planned demonstration scheduled for Thursday by the Creative Workers Union of South Africa has been cancelled.

“We’ve always maintained that he incredibly talented South African and African music industry will play a major part in the tournaments off-field success and character,” said Danny Jordan, head of the World Cup Organising Committee South Africa.

Musicians such as Alicia Keys, Black Eye Peas and Shakira, were scheduled to perform at the Kick- Off Celebration Concert at Soweto’s Orlando Stadium.

There were concerns that local South African artist were not being adequately represented.

“It is not fair that mainly artists from outside the country and the continent should welcome our guests,” the art ministry said in a statement on March 26, 2010.”

South Africans were deeply concerned about being marginalized on their own land.

Source BBC News


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