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Africa Underground picture of Sahel Band

Africa Underground Festivities in Washington DC

On Sept 30th 2011, the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art held the third installment of the Africa UnderGround Series at the Museum of African Art in Washington DC. The event brought hundreds of people from around the Metro DC area to experience African Culture, Art, Food and Fashion.

The event was hosted by the Direct of the Smithsonia National Museum of African Art, Dr Johnnetta B. Cole. She welcomed guests from near and far to join in the festivities and be explore membership opportunities with the museum. The event comprised of food, dancing, fashion shows, music and many other elements that portrayed African culture.

The highlight of the evening was a fashion show that portrayed the designs of renowed fashion designer and stylist Korto Momolu (www.kortomomolu.com). The dresses that were displayed during the fashion show came from Armani Liberia project that aimed to exhibit various stages of women in Liberia as they now reach out take charge of their future by being empowered to pick up various trades and skills.

Some of the other up and coming artists and designers that were part of this event were Sahel, Stephanie Mouapi of Cote Minou, Anna Mwalagho and a host of others. This will be the last installment for the year 2011, according to Dr. Cole. The next installment is scheduled for February 2012. The Celebration of Black History Month and the Africa Underground will bring a greater experience with Africa and its culture.

For more information about the museum visit their website at http://africa.si.edu/

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