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2012 AfroExposure event is set to Dazzle!

AfroExposure Inc announced the second annual afro-cultural showcase event entitled “the African Connection” scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 7:00pm at the Cultural and Arts Center in Silver Spring, MD.

AfroExposure (http://www.afroexposure.com) is another exciting showcase that will depict the evolution of African Culture through works of poetry, fashion, dance and music. AfroExposure 2012 is organized by AfroExposure Inc, a nonprofit organization based in the Washington DC metropolitan area that focuses on educating people and creating a national awareness of afro-culture as portrayed through the works of people of African descent.

“The AfroExposure project is growing, we are etching our cultural values in the hearts of young people across our region” states Will Roberts, Chairman of AfroExposure Governing Board. “We have been around the block before and this year will prove our staying power and determination for exposing young and seasoned entrepreneurs as they represent their work and their proud culture heritage.”

Some of the groups that will be featured are the Coyaba Dance group from the Dance Theatre in Washington DC and rising artists like Marc Streetz (Liberia), Jay Cube aka VOA (Nigeria), Su Picasso (Congo) and Rammy (Ivory Coast). When it comes to fashion designers, the lineup will include Gbelley Taylor of 1847 & Co (Liberia), Monica Jobi of AfroBarb (Nigeria) and highlight the innovative and sophisticated modern women line of Afua Sam from Studio D-Maxsi (Ghana).

This event will bring together fans and friends of afro-culture and raise the bar once again by establishing that despite the diversity in the works showcased, there is still a strong African Connection among all people of African descent. In addition, as part of this year’s event, the AfroExposure Planning team has put in place various fundraising and awareness campaign efforts to help bring this event to successful completion. The online campaign “One Africa” was launched and can be seen on various partners website – http://youtu.be/_VD1uzN_Wug and http://youtu.be/oSDKftv8k0w.

The main event will take place on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 7:00pm at the Cultural and Arts Center in Silver Spring, MD and advance tickets are on sale at http://afroexposure.ticketleap.com/2012afroexposure so act fast and reserve a place for yourself, family and friends


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