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Delta flights resumes direct flights to Liberia

Delta Airlines resumes directs flights to Liberia

The resumption of direct Air flights from Liberia to the United States does in deed offer many potentialities.

Given that Liberia was founded as a country for the freed American slaves, it has a very close relationship with the United States. In deed, some Liberians can trace their lineage and distant relatives in the US. This is also a significant step for a country that is just emerging from a civil war that lasted for about twenty years. The current President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has been credited with most of the economic progress that is taking place in the country. Direct flights between Liberia and the United States were brought to an abrupt halt in May 1990 at the height of the Liberian civil war. With a large Diaspora in the United States, the resumption of the flights means that the connection has been rekindled. Air travel is important for trade and this is expected to increase the trade volumes between the two countries. Other sectors that had suffered such as tourism and the hospitality industries are also expected to be on the rebound soon.

The country, which has had to recover from decades of civil war, had to start rebuilding its infrastructure from scratch. This is no mean task for any person and such deals really do signify a positive step for the country. The resumption of the flights will also obviously help increase the approval ratings of the president who may well use it as a campaigning tool come the next elections. The minerals industry also does portend a good source of income for the country as is the palm oil industry. The curse of the mineral wealth has however been the country’s main undoing and the government needs to make the local population at least fell that they are benefiting from the resources at their backyard.


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