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AfroExposure 2011 – Awakening of African Culture – Partners with Face2Face Africa

Washington DC June 22, 2011 – PalavaHut the Online Africa Village (www.palavahut.com) combined efforts with FACE2FACE Africa to create awareness for AfroExposure the Awakening of African Culture with the goal of sharing a positive light on African culture within the diasporas.

Face2Face Africa (www.face2faceafrica.com) the innovative and groundbreaking media company that in the first quarter of 2011 made history with the annual F.A.C.E. List Awards honoring five Fascinating Africans Committed to Excellence including international songstress Angelique Kidjo is a media partner in the effort to promote awareness for the upcoming show AfroExposure 2011.

With the combined effort of PalavaHut and Face2Face Africa, a more balanced coverage of events and issues is bound to ensue given that each media companies have made significant strides in providing quality and information-rich assets to the population of Africans living abroad and at home.

AfroExposure 2011The campaign to raise awareness of African Culture values does not stop there; PalavaHut is also inviting all Media, Entertainment and other companies to collaborate on this ground-breaking event scheduled to take place on July 9th.

For more information about this event including how to get your tickets – please visit our website at http://www.afroexposure.com or contact us via phone at 571-327-0488.


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