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PalavaHut introduces new African online magazine with built in social networking.

With a slick design and interactive features, Palavahut.com is on the cutting edge of bringing all things African to the masses.

Washington, D.C (April 15, 2009) – The hut is a vital part of any African village. It is where children gather around the fire to hear folktales passed down from generation to generation. It is where the problems are discussed and solved.  It is the drumbeat of the village. The creators of PalavaHut have taken this idea and formed an online village for Africans and people interested in learning about Africa.  The hut is where like-minded people meet to get weekly updates in topics of high interest pertaining to the African community. Magazine features display the African influence and depiction concerning arts and entertainment, business, sports, music, fashion, movies, food and looks into the overall culture of Africa around the world.

Africa has developed into a wide spread demographic. PalavaHut Inc. targets recent immigrants from Africa, Caribbean blacks in the U.S. and the general African American community. Representing and expanding on the voices of Africans living all over the world, PalavaHut facilitates communications and fosters relationship building among the globally scattered members of the African Diaspora.

Social networking has become an inherent part of communication in today’s world.  PalavaHut offers social networking in conjunction with the site. Users are able to contribute content and opinion, interact directly with each other and form bonds within the online community.

With the introduction of “Talking Drum” users are able to chat with other members, announce events and awareness projects by uploading posters, flyers, messages and pictures. Eventually members will be able to invite friends to a real time video conference to communicate online as we do in person or on the phone. The technical team behind PalavaHut is working hard to implement features like the “Talking Drum” with the goal to empower Africans living away from home making it easy for them to communicate and connect with millions of other Africans living around the world.

PalavaHut creators, Quanuquanei Karmue and W. Sabour Roberts bring 15 years of experience in photography, software development and graphic design to this revolutionary venture. It is their passion for Africa that fuels this project.  “God blessed us with the ability and skills to do what we do,” Karmue says. “The pride that lives in us is what drives us as a culture, and as a company. If we can provide a platform that will help mobilize Africans living all over the world, we believe the African continent can experience some drastic changes.”

PalavaHut launches officially on May 1, 2009.


If you’d like more information please call Quanuquanei Karmue at (423) 285-8985 or email us at qkarmue@palavahut.com








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