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Kipsiro commonwealth champion named international ambassador

The relative success of Ugandan Middle to long distance runner, Moses Kipsiro has made him a darling of Ugandans.

He recently won the 2010 commonwealth championships in the 5000m category. Every Ugandan government official wants to be associated with him. He has received so many homecoming invitations that his coach and sports ministry in general have had to reject many of them. They have now cancelled all of those parties in order to give time for Kipsiro to train well and keep up his good form.

It is alleged that the Ugandan President personally called him just before the race and many believe that was partly the reason why he managed to sprint ahead of the competition. The president has gone a step further and made him the country’s sports ambassador. This was highly expected since there aren’t many Ugandan sports superstars that have trail blazed the world. Of course, it is also likely that he has been offered huge sums of money. The president is sometimes a populist and he does not miss a chance on such events in order to connect with the Ugandan people. In the recent past, he released a rap song urging Ugandans to be patriotic and work for the good of their country. Coming at a time when the elections are scheduled to take place in February, this is a particularly popular move. As his opponents such as Dr.Kizza Bisigye are busy campaigning, they may well adopt such strategies in order to score political goals.

The ability to connect with people is one of the hallmarks of successful leaders and politicians. One of the reasons why the American public easily forgave former president Bill Clinton is because he connected with many of them.However,one hopes that the young lad will take a step at a time and not be too overwhelmed with his current celebrity status in Uganda.


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