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Ethnic Dressing – Key to boosting happiness

Research finds that people who identify strongly with their racial ethnicity are generally happier. So, what better way of spreading joy and self confidence than with ethnic fashions?

“Having positive feelings about one’s ethnic group appears to provide an extra boost of positivity in individuals’ daily lives” claims Wake Forest University’s Psychology Professor Lisa Kiang. “The positive effects of ethnic pride found in this study could suggest that parents and society in general should encourage strong ethnic identity in families.”

According to Jackie Morilas of EthnicSale.com of “As a Fashion Designer of ethnic clothing, I’ve known self identity brings happiness since my humble beginnings. Like most young girls, I’ve learned playing with ethnic dolls introduces a child to positive self identity and creativity”.

Ethic Sale is a company that amplifies the experience for adults with creations of ethnic formal wear for special occasions. The company specializes in custom and ready made formal ethnic fashions from Africa, India and Asia. This includes formal wear for bridal parties and men’s formal ethnic-wear as well. Their one-of-a-kind jewelry selections has helped define a distinguished style for many of their customers.

Ethnic fashions can be worn in your daily life and at casual events. African fabrics, such as kente can be used as a style accessory such as a scarf. You can style it as a waist wrap or a man’s tie for a subtle finishing to complement your corporate wardrobe. The bold textured ethnic fabrics enhance solid colored separates to offer contrast and add contour to complements your shape.

“Ethnic identity development is a lifelong and always evolving process; so it can have an influence across the entire lifespan. Some of my research shows that feeling good about your ethnic background and feeling strongly connected to your ethnic group is related to all kinds of positive outcomes; including that daily happiness boost. So much to the extent that dressing in ethnic fashions can facilitate these good feelings about one’s ethnic background, I would agree that wearing ethnic fashions could be a good experience.” according to Professor Lisa Kiang.

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